Quiet Confidence

with Dr Tess Crawley

Helping You Find The Confidence You Need To Inspire Others

What is Quiet Confidence?


Quiet Confidence is that quality within you that allows you to stand calmly and firmly in your place of courage. Whether you want to expand your career or build a team around you, you need the courage and confidence to help you take that leap. The Quiet Confidence suite of mentoring programs offer a unique opportunity to work closely with Tess to find your hidden courage, your quiet confidence, to take the action required to achieve your goals.

Who is Tess Crawley?

I promote and support mental health professionals and leaders in the various professions who are motivated to pursue the highest ideals of professionalism in their education, practice, and leadership. Who am I? I’m a clinical and forensic psychologist with over ten years’ experience supervising psychologists at all levels. I’m a former lecturer at university level, have worked in various mental health settings, and I am the Director of a busy multi-location private practice. Thank you for your interest in joining the Quiet Confidence Mentoring Programs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any points that need clarifying or if you have any general questions.

With Quiet Confidence You Can Soar

But I'm not a Leader yet?

Then this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to flex your leadership muscles and develop the skills you will need to lead and supervise with the quiet confidence that inspires others to grow.

But I‘m A Sole Practitioner. I’m Not A Leader.

Are you kidding me? You have ALL the responsibility! Of course you’re a leader! Tell me, how do you see your practice growing over time? A student observing you today, could be your colleague tomorrow. A casual receptionist this year, could be a practice manager next year. Where you are right now is your launching pad. With some quiet confidence in your leadership potential, your could aim for the moon.

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