Quiet Confidence Foundations


Quiet Confidence Foundations is a members-only mentoring program designed specifically by a mental health professional for mental health professionals.



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Quiet Confidence Foundations

Quiet Confidence Foundations is my entry-level business coaching and mentoring group. 


By becoming a member of QCF you join a number of like-minded business owners keen to build their confidence, address their barriers to success, and take action towards their goals. It is your entry into my world of support, and i know you’ll feel very welcome here!

membership is $97 a month


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What is Quiet Confidence Foundations?

Quiet Confidence Foundations is my entry-level business coaching and mentoring program. It runs on a subscription basis and consists of weekly live learning pieces and monthly group Zoom calls. It’s your one-stop shop for advance notice on coming programs, discounts and more.  

We all like to feel part of a tribe. I know how lonely it can be at the top of your particular tree, trust me. Business ownership is tough, isolating, and overwhelming. It’s also exhilarating, exciting, and beautiful. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and no one gets it quite like other business owners can.

My approach to supporting you focuses on overcoming the barriers that stop you reaching the NEXT level of your success. You’ve started your business (or are about to), you’ve taken all sorts of risks already, now you’re a bit stuck in fear – whether that’s fear of success, fear of failure, or a lurching mixture of both. You’re dying to escape overwhelm and isolation, and that never-ending to do list. I know because I’ve been there too. That’s why I started this group, to help you move beyond those fears and tricky emotions, into a place of confidence in your capacity to be the CEO of your business (even if it’s a business of one, you’re still its CEO!).

Historically this group has attracted business owners from within the mental health professions (I’m a psychologist, so I can see why), but my message is increasingly reaching business owners in all fields, so please know you’d be very welcome here, whether you’re a mental health professional or a florist!

As a member, you’ll receive the following:

  • Free copy of my book “How to Catch a Unicorn”
  • Discounted one-to-one coaching sessions with me
  • Advance notice on my more intensive coaching programs (which usually fill up with members of QCF before they can be announced publicly!)
  • Weekly learning videos
  • Monthly group brainstorming sessions via Zoom
  • Membership is $97 a month with no lock-in contracts
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