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The course has already started, but it’s not too late to join and access the videos that you’ve missed so far. Don’t forget the current rate of $97 is an introductory rate only. Once it goes to my website for purchase it will be priced accordingly at the full rate (due to extra work and editing involved in getting it prepared for later purchase).

YOU DON’T NEED THIS COURSE if you are already 100% certain that you are never confused by Medicare.

YOU DON’T NEED THIS COURSE if you know with 100% certainty that you’ll sail through an audit without a care.

YOU DON’T NEED THIS COURSE if you’re not in private practice and are never going to be in private practice.

Otherwise, this course is relevant to everyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the remainder of this program (and to catch up on what you’ve missed). Can’t make it to the live sessions? No problem. The videos remain within the group for you to access whenever you like. There is also plenty of bonus material, and more of the same yet to come.

Join us! It’s a great bunch of clinicians and I am thoroughly enjoying presenting this material.


Mental Health Professionals and GPs alike find Medicare Australia’s Better Access initiative confusing. The program has been available for just over 10 years, and yet there is no available training for new providers, let alone for experienced ones. Not only is this frustrating, it’s frightening when we think of being audited and found wanting.

Did you know Medicare is bringing in changes next year to make you equally financially liable if your contractor or employee is non-compliant under Better Access? What other changes are you unaware of?

It’s hard enough to know how to do the right thing with little reliable information available, let alone training, and as a new calendar year approaches confusion reaches fever pitch.

Does the patient need a new plan? Or a new referral? Or neither? How many sessions is the referral valid for? Does the plan expire? Do I need a re-referral or a review? My patient was referred for 6 sessions but has only used 2 this year – what do I need to do before seeing them again next year? … And on it goes.

Oh, and put your hand up if you’ve called the helpline and found answers to be confusing, conflicting, or just plain wrong?

So, after some prodding, I’ve decided to put together a training package that will help clarify the basics and demystify the spirit behind the Better Access initiative.

When Better Access was first released, I was among the first to be trained to train mental health practitioners and GPs in how to “do” Better Access. I’ve still got my original manual, which is of course 10+ years old and out-dated, but I’ve also sourced enough relevant recent resources to keep my knowledge updated. Put together, it turns out that I know a fair bit about Medicare’s Better Access program and am asked DAILY for my input to help clarify when providers all over Australia are confused. And it IS confusing! But it doesn’t need to be.

* 4 x weekly live-streamed video training sessions in a dedicated Facebook group
* Shared resources and other Q&A opportunities
* Content based on information sourced from Medicare and other relevant sources
* Ongoing exclusive access to the Facebook group, videos and other resources beyond completion of the program

* Commences Wednesday 21st November at 4:00pm (Hobart/Sydney time) and then weekly at that time …
* You can access the videos later if the 4:00pm time can’t work for you, but participating live allows you to be interactive and ensure YOUR questions are answered.
* Each session runs for up to an hour

* Any and all Australian mental health professionals and GPs eligible to provide services under the Medicare Better Access initiative.
* Students are also welcome to participate to get a heads-up on what they need to know.

I truly look forward to sharing this training with you. Feel free to private message me if you have questions.

* NOTE: Content will be uploaded to my website upon completion of the program, for purchase by others as a complete package after the event. The recorded videos will not show your comments or questions. Clinicians purchasing the package from the website later won’t have the benefit of live group participation and the fee for later purchase will be at the higher standard rate. So don’t miss your opportunity to participate live at this introductory rate of $97.00.


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