Confidence in the Courtroom

Confidence in the Courtroom


Does the idea of going to court fill you with dread? Do you make decisions about who you’ll see in your practice based on that fear?

You’re not alone.

I recently asked the question on social media about what frightens people most about going to court, and here are some of the most frequent answers:

  • I’m worried that I’ll be made a fool of, or shown to be incompetent
  • I’m fearful of saying something in court that might damage my rapport with my client
  • I’m worried I’ll be caught up in courtroom games, contributing to an unjust system
  • I’m scared of saying something wrong.
  • I’m scared I’ll be caught up in a Tom Cruise / Jack Nicholson style shouting match ending with me blurting out “You can’t handle the truth!” 

Sound familiar?  

I’m a forensic psychologist and a clinical psychologist. I’ve worked in prisons and I’ve worked within the family court system. I’ve been to court a bunch. But I still get nervous! Nerves are ok. Nerves keep you alert.

The key things that help me when I’m called to give evidence centre on (a) knowing my role and (b) knowing my stuff. Once you’ve got this firmly tucked under your belt, you can then focus on some simple grounding techniques to quieten down those tummy flutters.

👉You don’t need this course if you’re 100% confident in providing evidence in court

👉You don’t need this course if you know when you’d be called as a witness of fact versus an expert witness

👉You don’t need this course if you understand why the court might think of you as biased (and where you should/shouldn’t be)

👉You don’t need this course if you understand the differences between a witness, an expert, and an advocate

👉You don’t need this course if you know how to handle the pressures of being in the courtroom

👉You don’t need this course if you know what lawyers and magistrates find helpful

👉You don’t need this course if you never see clients


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training involve?

  • Minimum of four live-streamed online sessions of up to an hour each
  • Training is hosted initially within a closed Facebook group (eventually uploaded to Teachable for ongoing access). Videos can be accessed at any time that suits you if you can’t attend the live-stream (or if you register after the live course is complete).
  • Guest interviews with others in the field
  • Learnable strategies for coping with court
  • Opportunities for Q&A within the closed Facebook community

How much does is cost?

  • A one-off payment of $220.00 gives you ongoing access to the formal course content, even when the course is transferred from Facebook to Teachable in the future. This is less than the cost of a single 1:1 session with Tess.

Who should do this course

  • Mental health professionals – no previous court experience or forensic training necessary
  • Postgraduate students preparing to work in the mental health professions
  • Allied professionals who may also find themselves involved in court proceedings (no prior mental health training necessary)

Who is Tess Crawley?

  • Clinical and Forensic psychologist and Board-approved supervisor
  • Multi-location group private practice owner
  • Former university lecturer, placement coordinator and clinic director
  • Mentor to mental health professionals and business owners Australia-wide and beyond
  • Fellow of both the Clinical College and the Forensic College of the Australian Psychological Society


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