Who is Dr Tess Crawley?

 Dr Tess Crawley is an Australian clinical and forensic psychologist and business coach, and one of Australia’s most sought-after business coaches for private practice owners and business owners. Tess’ mission is to empower business owners to escape overwhelm and isolation, so they can focus on the business of changing lives.

Who Does Tess Crawley Think She Is!

In addition to running The Crawley Clinic, Tess spends the bulk of her time providing business coaching to private practice owners and other business owners from around Australia and beyond. Tess’ passion is to help business owners reduce isolation and overwhelm and to achieve their goals for their businesses. She encourages her clients to develop a CEO-mindset, no matter how small their business, to become more strategically goal-and-action oriented to ensure ongoing business viability and enhance satisfaction in their business owner role.

Tess is not only a successful business coach and mentor, she has over a decades’ business ownership under her belt, has successfully sold a psychology practice, and has plans to open a fourth business in Melbourne outside of mental health (but that’s a bit of a secret just now!). 

Tess Crawley has over 20 years’ experience practicing psychology. She established The Crawley Clinic (previously Dr Tess Crawley & Associates) in Hobart in 2009 and in 2016 she launched a second practice, The Crawley Clinic Launceston. Now based in Melbourne, Tess sold The Crawley Clinic Hobart in early 2020, retaining ownership of The Crawley Clinic Launceston. She also launched The Crawley Clinic Melbourne later that same year.

Tess is very active on social media, has spoken regularly on radio and television, presents a podcast, and has written a book about private practice (with a second book on the way, focussing on the psychology of business ownership more broadly). She’s previously worked as a university lecturer, and has spoken often at international conferences. Before becoming a psychologist, Tess was a professional actress and also worked in the music industry. Supporting creative entrepreneurs is one of her favourite things to do!

In her spare time, Tess loves to travel with her family and to indulge her passion for photography and writing. She is also a strong supporter of the arts, with artworks by a number of Tasmanian artists hanging from the walls of her clinics.

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